Singing Along With SNL

SNL this past Saturday was completely remote featuring your favorite cast members donning some homemade costumes and hand-drawn backgrounds pasted on their living room walls. Tom Hanks hosted, proving he can do everything a host can normally do by using disguises to recreate the ever-popular question and answer monologue.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who is no stranger to taking lead on virtual music initiatives, covered Bob Dylan’s “Shelter from the Storm” as the musical guest. He lit candles and hung a sign scribbled with “Entrance to Trains” in bubble letters to mirror SNL’s signature stage. The lyrics resonated differently in the uncertainty of today. It showed the harmony that rings out between kindness and struggles to prove that we all can provide shelter in challenging times like these.

Pete Davidson graced us with two musical sketches, including one that followed Drake’s recipe to a guaranteed hit. The episode also featured the entire cast singing Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day,” as a tribute to the late Hal Willner who passed away from COVID-19 complications on April 7th. Willner was a sketch music producer on SNL.

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