The Only Thing Better Than Childish Gambino’s, “This Is America,” Are The Memes

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Just last weekend, Donald Glover’s rap persona, Childish Gambino released the video to his new track, “This is America,” which has caught him up in an internet storm.

People are interpreting the various spectacles and details of the video, praising the beat and the choreography, but most of all, have turned it into a meme spectacle.


In the modern age of music, memes are perhaps the best way to validate an artists worth.

While making something profound, Gambino has also created a frame to reference and parody other musicians as well. Along with this video, Donald Glover has been the star and creator of the hit TV show Atlanta, done plenty of work in stand up comedy, and already solidified himself as a musical artists after hits like “Sweatpants” and another meme worthy song, “Redbone.”

So how much has the new music video been ingrained into internet culture? Take a look at the compilation embedded below.

These aren’t just silly edits meant to mock Gambino, they actually demonstrate how the internet, and rap fans as a whole, have accepted his unique style.

Jesse Drake
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