GRiZ Drops New Song…Yes, This One is Real

Not too long ago, GRiZ sent a frustrated tweet to the timeline.

Apparently, artists will include him as a featured name on their songs, but when you give them a listen…he’s nowhere to be found. But there they are, listed on GRiZ fans’ “Release Radar” playlists. It’s a sneaky move— one that clearly does not go unnoticed by the artist being incorrectly mentioned beneath each song’s title. The comments chatter in unison, “How is this not illegal?” And really, I don’t get it either. I know artists really want to be featured on those Release Radar, discover weekly, etc. playlists, but naming an artist without their consent definitely crosses a line. One of his “featured” songs may have appeared in a previous “Release Radar” playlists that graced my Spotify. I remember being confused— wondering why the song was not posted on any GRiZ social media accounts, or tagged on his own Spotify page.

This past week, however, Grant Kwiecinski released his latest single, “Astro Funk,” a signature GRiZ sound, blasting that funky, up-beat energy that follows him everywhere he goes.

And by the way, this is what his social media looks like when he actually works on a project… for future reference.

And, of course, he credits the artist 🙂

Listen here!

Mallory Dwortz

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