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NEW MUSIC UPDATE: February 2021 Playlist

by Mallory Dwortz
This month has already been exploding with new releases and music industry updates. Artists are rising out of the 2020 gloom, dropping new singles, creating new projects, and announcing upcoming albums. In order to keep track of all these new-music-happenings, we have another playlist for you! Read on for relevant music news, and brief reviews […]

GRiZ & Friends Are Giving Us Virtual Camp Kulabunga

by Mallory Dwortz
Camp Kulabunga: Winter Edition Feb. 20th-21st This year, GRiZ is taking extra care to curate a virtual Camp Kulabunga experience. Featuring a variety of collaborators specializing in talents such as expressive, arts, virtual meditation, and creative self-compassion, “Virtual Kulabunga is a 2 day at-home retreat curated by GRiZ & friends, providing live stream and off-screen […]

Twelve Days of GRiZMAS!

by Mallory Dwortz
Grant Kwiecinski isn’t letting 2020 put a damper on his annual Twelve Days of GRiZMAS. GRiZ, the Michigan-born electronic music producer and DJ, never fails to brighten our December with love, music, and holiday cheer– and this year is no different. Each year, he hosts a Twelve Days of GRiZMAS tradition of concerts, meditation, and […]

End June With Some New Music

by Mallory Dwortz
We may have been on lockdown, but the music world refuses to slow down! Albums are dropping and artists are working hard to give us a concert-free summer we’ll never forget. Today, I’d like to keep it pretty chill– just sharing some recent music releases that will hopefully brighten another summer week without live music. […]

Donate and Jam out at Digital Mirage!

by Mallory Dwortz
This massive virtual festival made waves back in April and has returned with the same vigor. Pioneered by Proximity and Brownies and Lemonade, Digital Mirage (both the original and this weekend’s 2.0), is the perfect escape from reality. Featuring artists like Griz, San Holo, Big Gigantic, and Two Feet, this virtual festival will transport you […]

New EDM to Warm Your Winter

by Mallory Dwortz
Since the beginning of 2020, artists have been working hard at producing handfuls of new music for us to digest during the gloomiest of seasons. February is, without a doubt, the worst month of the year (sorry Valentine’s Day). So, to warm our frost-bitten ears, a wave of fresh EDM is penetrating the winter cold […]