GRiZ Teases Upcoming Performance and Releases New Merch

Throughout this ongoing pandemic, GRiZ has exercised a respectful amount of caution and support in the way of COVID guidelines and performances. Lately, his interactions with fans/the public consist of elaborate online projects, and immersive music videos (check out “Ease Your Mind” with Ganja White Night). However, as social distancing regulations continue to relax, fans are sprinkling his social media timelines with questions about COVID-safe shows. I don’t blame them, as we are all so itching for live music, but Grant Kwiecinski’s response is one that I read with a nod of understanding.

I miss the energy and fearlessness of performances pre-pandemic, and until we can truly achieve that without risking loss of health and overall concert experience, wouldn’t it be more fulfilling to wait? Of course, his follow-up tweet does help soften the blow of his apprehension about socially distanced shows.

What does he have in store for us?!

GRiZ is teasing fans– hinting at a performance of epic proportions. Recently, he also tweeted about his dreams of producing his own music festival. Could this be what he gestures to now, or is it another mind-bending project for us to look forward to?

With his previously rescheduled New York performances being postponed until September, Avant Gardner ticket holders could definitely use some good news. I’m perched at the edge of my seat– giddy with excitement at the thought of a post-pandemic blowout, featuring GRiZ.

And by the way, his new merch could be your next impulse purchase 😉

His excitement on Twitter was palpable upon the announcement of his new 6” vinyl toy. GRiZ loves Mr B. and boasts that this is his favorite merch item to date. He has been in the works for years, and is finally making a limited edition appearance for purchase, not pre-order. Available here!

“He has traveled through inter dimensional space time for 3 earth years and is finally landing on our planet!” -GRiZ on Twitter

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