The 1975 Release New Song: “Love It If We Made It”

The 1975 released a new song titled, “Love It If We Made It.”

The track is a bold protest of modern times. The latest from the British indie-pop group wastes no time getting right to the point: Lead singer, Matthew Healy is fed up with the current state of affairs. No one is safe from the swift, sharp stab of his lyrics as he mocks internet culture, police brutality, ratings-crazed media, and sexual assault in one fell swoop. Listening to the aggressive, (yet somehow cheery?) beat and pointed lyrics, one feels as if they’ve walked into Healy’s living room, just in time to hear him deliver the climax of a frustrated monologue.

The 1975 front man Matthew (Matty) Healy

Somehow, The 1975 manage to package all these heavy topics into a dreamy, synth-soaked box. Passionate saxophone carries your ears to the song’s bridge; a chaotic, desperate listicle of destructive ideas. Healy proclaims, “Consultation, degradation, fossil fueling, masturbation, immigration, liberal kitsch, kneeling on a pitch, ‘I moved on her like a bitch!'”

“Love It If We Made It” is the second song to be released from The 1975’s upcoming third studio album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. “Give Yourself a Try,” a self-empowering pop anthem, was released in June with an accompanying music video.

Besides the powerful lyrics, “Love It…” also has the unique sounds The 1975 are becoming more and more known for. It’s brash, fun to listen to, and the important message it carries couldn’t come at a better time. It’s a bit like hiding your dog’s heart worm pill inside a scoop of peanut butter. Hopefully when it’s released, The 1975’s full album will just as valuable and delicious.


Listen to “Love It If We Made It” below.


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