ODESZA and Golden Features Drop BRONSON, the Album


ODESZA and Golden Features’ collaborative project, BRONSON, finally comes with a debut album attached. Congratulations to them on bringing this project to fruition. Titled short and sweet, BRONSON was dropped last week after the original July release date was postponed.

And it was worth the wait

We’ve all been sitting on pins and needles since the album release was postponed to August, but now it’s out and ready for listening. Despite having their own distinct sounds, ODESZA and Golden Features came together to create a project that pushed them out of their comfort zones and into a new creative space, as the artists said on Twitter.


“This project was born out of pushing our comfort zones and just having fun in the studio. We couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

Golden Features

“The album came from the need to push beyond our comfort zones and try something new. It was made by people who had no other motive than to follow what they were feeling at the time.”


“This project was born from a need to push our creative boundaries and build something new and free – it’s a creative departure from the worlds of ODESZA and Golden Features – but that’s the beauty of it.”

We’ve had plenty of sneak peeks— what with the singles released earlier this summer– but now we can enjoy this musical project in its entirety. Soak it all in, because after you listen, you may find yourself repeating Golden Features…

Now What?

Fans are raving on social media, sending their support in waves crashing through comments sections. Listen to the full album below, and tell us what you think!

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