ODESZA and Golden Features Release the First Two Songs from Their Collaboration: Bronson

ODESZA and Golden Features have been hard at work collaborating on a new project, Bronson. They announced the completion of their upcoming album over the weekend, but it has been in the making for quite some time. Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight (ODESZA) released Thomas George Stell’s (Golden Features) EP in 2016 through their label (Foreign Family Collective), undoubtedly sparking a foreseeable future of fruitful collaboration between the artists. Evidence of which can be found on ODESZA’s most recent album A Moment Apart, and if Bronson is any continuation of that collaboration, then boy are we in for a treat!

They have been teasing fans on Twitter, playfully sharing the completion of the album, but making us wait until JULY to taste the whole thing.

Yesterday, however, the first two singles from the collaboration were released as a pair (HEART ATTACK / VAULTS) and have already garnered quite a bit of attention. The two very distinct sounds coming from this trio is absolutely evident in this Bronson debut. Featuring a steady, airy beat and the funky essence of house music, these two songs serve as the perfect introduction to what will surely be a successful project. 

ODESZA and Golden Features combine forces to create a delicious mixture of up and down, lighthearted and dark. This duality is absolutely present in this first release, and I can’t wait to devour the full album.

Keep checking back in for more updates!

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