Bad News for the BRONSON Album

ODESZA and Golden Features’ collaborative project, BRONSON, has been gathering support all summer. Their first three songs are the perfect introduction to an album forged in the heat of love, creativity, and lots of hard work.

Where is the album though?

The debut album was originally set to be released on Friday, July 17, but when I feverishly scrolled through Spotify, all I saw was blank space. Unfortunately for us, the album release has been postponed until next month (August 7 to be exact).

But don’t cry!

Now we have something to look forward to as we move into August, clawing and dragging ourselves into another daunting 2020 month. I know we were all excited for some new music (whenever ODESZA is involved there are always some great warm weather jams), but we still have the three BRONSON hits already released, as well as the compilation video for their latest single, “DAWN.”

Check it out on the Foreign Family Collective YouTube Channel!

Also, check in on Twitter and Instagram for all things BRONSON.

Mallory Dwortz

UofM grad, loves reading, writing, and blurry pictures

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