Electric Forest Guarantees Discounted Ticket for Loyalty Members

Electric Forest just made big changes for 2016.

One of the biggest announcements is that Loyalty Members will be guaranteed a discounted GA ticket. Complaints last year that loyalty customers were not able to get a ticket even though they were loyal due to sell out were heard by HQ, and fixed for 2016.

In previous years, only Four In The Forest customers were guaranteed a loyalty ticket. A post on the Electric Forest website explains:

The Loyalty Program is not only a grateful invitation for those who have been to The Forest before, it is an important part of the Electric Forest vision. Last year, Early Bird and Loyalty Programs saw extremely high enthusiasm, resulting in an almost instantaneous sell out.

First, thank you. The eagerness of the growing Forest Family honors all that we have done together. However, the immediate Loyalty sell out meant that some of the Forest Family, although loyal, did not benefit from the intention behind the program. The time to evolve has come.

The 2016 Loyalty Program rewards the loyalty of all. The discounts that Early Bird and Loyalty Programs from previous years shared will now be distributed among all who qualify for a Loyalty Program. It remains HQ’s intention to curate each Wristband and Lodging Package experience for the perfect number of guests, which means that some Wristband and Lodging Packages will still sell out quickly. However, all Loyalty members will now be guaranteed, at minimum, one discounted GA Camping Wristband during their specific on sale period.

Also announced, drivers arriving alone will REQUIRED to purchase a $70 parking pass for each car. This is to encourage carpooling and reduce massive traffic like was seen last year. More info.

Wondering when tickets go on sale? Well, it depends:

Four in The Forest Loyalty

December 12 from 12 noon ET until 11 am ET on December 13
See below for more information and FAQ’s for the Four in The Forest Program.

Good Life Loyalty

December 13 from 12 noon ET until 11 am ET on December 14
See below for more information and FAQ’s for the Good Life Loyalty Program.

GA Loyalty

December 14 from 12 noon ET until 11 am ET on December 15
See below for more information and FAQ’s for the GA Loyalty Program.

General On Sale

December 15 from 12 noon ET until the festival sells out


More information can be found Electric Forests website, here.


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