7 Artists to Look Forward to in 2019

With a new year comes tons of new music. Here are 7 of the artists I am anticipating most of in 2019.


With members hailing from Australia to Japan, and everywhere in between, Superorganism made a name for themselves with their 2018, self-titled debut album. The project’s creativity, turning apples and soda bottles instruments, amassed the band critical acclaim. The majority of Superorganism’s members met online, many of them never meeting in person until after the release of their album. As a result, unlike many other artists, Superorganism tries to shed a positive light on technology on a number of their tracks. In a time where we are often told that technology may very well lead to our doom, Superorganism reminds us that technology, in itself, is allowed to be fun, and they are sure to use their robust sound to perpetuate those ideas in 2019.


Whitney in their Music Video for “No Woman”

Chicago band, Whitney, is known for their lofi, somber alternative rock tracks. The band’s earthy sound could be equated to reminiscing of an old breakup while smoking a cigarette on a rainy Oregon beach. Their last studio release was their 2016 album, “Light Upon the Lake,” which landed them tens of millions of plays across multiple streaming platforms. Since Whitney has merely teased fans, their only new music being released was the demo tracks from their album. Luckily, they’ve dropped some not-so-subtle tweets hinting at a new project, and an album has finally been confirmed for 2019. When it drops, be sure to put on your edgiest flannel and beanie and prepare to enter some good, old-fashioned feels.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is a rock veteran, but that hasn’t stopped him from flooding the industry with music these past couple of years. His 2018 album, Egyptian Station, is what you would generally expect from an ex-Beetle. The production is extremely solid and he has some good melodies and riffs, but for the most part, he gave listeners no surprises. On the first day of the new year, however, Paul McCartney shook the industry with his genre-bending single, “Get Enough.” The track takes clear inspiration from artists like Bon Iver and James Blake, as McCartney layers his vocals with autotune over a slow rock ballad. This track is an experimental turn for McCartney and provides a fresh new sound for listeners. McCartney is sure to release more unorthodox tracks this year and his 2019 career may very well prove that artists are never too old to change their sound.

Paul McCartney’s new single: “Get Enough”

Mt. Joy

Mt. Joy is an indie rock band that infuses bluesy chords into their mellow rock songs. The band was extremely on and off for years as original members Matt Quinn and Sam Cooper were juggling real life jobs with music. Luckily, their 2016 single “Astrovan” was a hit and gained the band the popularity needed to quit their jobs, allowing them to release their first full-length project in early 2018. Since then, the band has performed at numerous festivals, including Voodoo in New Orleans, and has a rapidly growing fanbase. As the band is just beginning to establish themselves, they are likely to release new music in 2019 and show the industry what they are truly capable of.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Courtesy of

Although the name may seem off putting to new listeners, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is actually one of the most talented psychedelic rock groups in the game. With an astounding repertoire of over 10 full length albums, the band is not known to take breaks.

In fact, 2018 was probably the most silent year from King Gizzard since their inception. Their recent break was wholly deserved, however, they managed to still release a whopping five albums in 2017. Possibly more impressive than the sheer amount of music they produced in one year is the quality of it. In fact, with the release of their last five albums, the band sought out to utilize entirely different musical concepts on each project; Whether it be working with eastern-inspired microtones, or making a full length jazz album. It would be highly uncharacteristic for King Gizzard to stay silent in 2019, so be on the watch for their next release, which is bound to be both wildly innovative and unpredictable.

The Raconteurs

Jack White stunned listeners with his album, “Boarding House Reach” in 2018, an album that was a bit of a surprise after the artist’s four year hiatus on his solo career. Following the success of his album, Jack White got one of his numerous bands, The Raconteurs, back together after ten years to release two new singles, “Sunday Driver” and “Now That You’re Gone”, at the end of 2018. The singles gained massive critical appraise and the band has confirmed that they have plans to release an album later this year. White’s success in 2018 is sure to give him the confidence to make the new Raconteurs record both experimental and catchy, making it one of my most highly anticipated records of the year.

The Raconteurs’ new singles, “Sunday Driver” and “Now That You’re Gone”, on Spotify


Weezer’s tentative “The Black Album” Cover from

Everybody knows Weezer, the band that has, for better or for worse, flooded the media with countless records dating back to the 90s. They are the masterminds behind projects like, “Pinkerton” and “The Blue Album,” albums critical in shaping modern alt-rock. However, Weezer has been in a rut for the past decade, flopping on albums like “Hurley” and “Pacific Daydream.” Lately, the band sounds confused, each new album sounding like a smorgasbord of pop, rock, and electronic music, writer Rivers Cuomo likely too afraid to push any one genre too far. Weezer’s saving grace and only hint that they can still release good music was their 2016 release, “The White Album,” which is largely a return to the band’s original 90s sound. Now they plan to release “The Black Album” on March 1, 2019, and, with luck, they will learn to find a coherent sound and reassert themselves as the alt-rock powerhouse that they once were.

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