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Whitney is Back

by Daniel Friedland
After three years of silence, the lo-fi country-infused rock artists have returned with two new singles. Will they be able to prove they are still relevant or has their prime time officially passed? FTA The first new single from Whitney was released back on June 3. It was put out exclusively through Youtube, a choice […]

Jai Paul Returns After 8 Year Hiatus

by Daniel Friedland
After almost a decade, the renowned producer has returned with two new tracks Is He Really Back? With an over joyous certainty, we can proudly say that, YES, Jai Paul is back, and better than ever before. After nearly ten years of silence, Jai Paul released two surprise tracks on June 1. He also officially […]

6 Great Albums That Have Gone Under the Radar in 2019

by Daniel Friedland
2019 has been a great year for music. With something new from damn near everybody’s favorite artist, though, a lot of albums have been cast into the shadows. Here are 6 albums that deserve to get much more recognition than they have received. 1. Good Morning – The Option The lo-fi bock band, Good Morning, […]

Tyler, the Creator Redefines Artistic Boundaries with New Album: IGOR

by Daniel Friedland
The long awaited and highly anticipated IGOR finally dropped, drawing a rift between Tyler fans, with half of them mildly disappointed and the other half bewildered by Tyler’s creative dive into gritty emotion. With such a big divide, is Tyler, the Creator‘s new project really a step up from Flower Boy, or has he digressed […]

What Makes Good Rap Music?

by Daniel Friedland
Over the past couple of year, there have been many critics of mumble rap, citing artists like Logic and Eminem as a holy grails in an industry where rappers like Lil Uzi Vert and 21 Savage are bigger parts of the stream. With the new Logic and Eminem collab, however, we are given a chance […]

How Streaming Has Changed the Album Experience

by Daniel Friedland
In a listening age not so long ago, albums were preceded by one or two singles, signifying a full-length album was on the way. Now, however, this process has been warped and in the past year we have seen a shift in the album experience. What’s Changed Streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify have […]