Jai Paul Returns After 8 Year Hiatus

After almost a decade, the renowned producer has returned with two new tracks

Is He Really Back?

With an over joyous certainty, we can proudly say that, YES, Jai Paul is back, and better than ever before. After nearly ten years of silence, Jai Paul released two surprise tracks on June 1. He also officially released his original album, Leak 4-13.

Back in 2011, when the album was supposed to release, people got a hold of the project early and leaked it. Frustrated and shamed, Jai Paul shunned the world from his artistry. Now, he has gotten over his grievances and blessed the world with new music.

Do You Love Her Now/He

Jai Paul‘s new tracks, Do You Love Her Now and He, are unlike anything he put out in his 2011 reign. More of a ballad than an electronic dance song, Do You Love Her Now sounds like Tame Impala and Steve Lacy‘s love child. The track features a lo-fi, slow rock drum beat and funk guitar riffs. The ethereal vocals flow over the track like an angel, piercing the chorus,”Do You Love Her Now,” into the soul.

Where Do You Love Her Now takes a slower, almost RnB approach, He returns to Jai Paul‘s electronic roots, but his improvement is stark. What starts off as a chill pop tune quickly turns into a nightmarish club beat, with haunting percussion dominating the scene. The end of the track showcases Paul’s talent, with a groovy distorted synth riding perfectly over a beautifully simple beat.

It is clear Jai Paul is only teasing us with what is to come, and if it takes any inspiration from his new releases, his next album will be one hell of a project.

Stream His New Tracks Below

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