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Jess The Savior Proves She Isn’t Letting Quarantine Cloud Her Vision With the Release of Her New Single, “Better Plans”

by Maddy Ipema
Local Chicago Artist, Jess The Savior, knows exactly how to command the attention of any crowd in a room. Her performative energy is infectious, gripping the mic with an air of nonchalant confidence. Jess The Savior seems to constantly be in synchronicity with the faces she locks eyes with – while on stage, she can […]
Photo by Lars Juveland

“My Band Was the Trees”

by Sarah Roberts
Every musician has to start somewhere. For Peter Hunt & the Great Outdoors, that beginning originates two years ago in Downers Grove, IL. The band’s first year consisted of Hunt creating and recording music. The following year, Hunt focused more on performing with a full band. Currently, the band has two EPs out. Their first […]

A “Twisted” Nahko And Medicine For The People

by Julia Colasanti
I have always been a fan of Nahko And Medicine For The People. Their raw, upbeat rhythm flows out of my speakers like a waterfall and their stripped-down lyrics grow a world around me. Each song recites a story in the native tongue of vagabonds struggling to settle into a spiritual home. Their lyrical stories […]
Image Credit: Spotify

5 Seconds of Summer Has No Shame

by Sarah Roberts
5 Seconds of Summer released their new song “No Shame,” along with the announcement of a new album, “C A L M” and a North American tour. This is the third single off their 12 track album. Based on this new release, their new album will move away from the punk sound they started with […]

Amber Liu’s “X” Tour – Photos and Review

by Darlene
Former K-pop star Amber Liu visited Chicago on February 1, 2020, for her second solo tour for her first full album “X“. She was accompanied by her opening acts Justice Carradine and Meg & Dia. Together, the four vibed harmoniously with their different genres meshing beautifully. The Opening Act: Justice Carradine opened to a room […]

TikTok Songs Are Taking Over

by Mallory Dwortz
What is Happening? I can’t say this is the “coolest” or most “music literate” thing I’ve ever done, but I can’t stop thinking about TikTok. I recently downloaded it and am quickly becoming acquainted with “TikTok songs” as a phenomenon. Again, not my finest music journalism hour. It’s just so hard to resist when one […]