“My Band Was the Trees”

Every musician has to start somewhere. For Peter Hunt & the Great Outdoors, that beginning originates two years ago in Downers Grove, IL. The band’s first year consisted of Hunt creating and recording music. The following year, Hunt focused more on performing with a full band.

Currently, the band has two EPs out. Their first album, “Peach Ring,” released March 2019 with three songs. The second album, “Downers Delight,” features four songs. The band will be releasing a two-track EP late spring/early summer this year, so follow their Twitter @GreatOutdoorsIL for updates on a specific release date.

The frontman of the act is Peter Hunt Szpytek and the members of the Great Outdoors vary depending on recording and performing availability. The band’s name comes from Hunt’s love for nature.

“I always felt like when I was writing music and playing songs outside, I felt like it was me and my band, and my band was the trees,” says Hunt.

Hunt spent some time playing outside at Naperville’s Riverwalk, and when they asked about his act, he’d answer with the band’s name and say, “and since we’re playing outside, welcome to the band.”

PH&TGO’s sound is a melting pot of folk, punk, pop, rock, and hints of country. Hunt says musical acts like The Avett Brothers, The Wonder Years, and The Taxpayers have influenced the band’s sound.

Hunt wants the band’s sound to go beyond genres and into feelings; “When you close your eyes and listen, you feel like you’re on your grandparent’s porch,” he says about his music.

The creative process varies for any artist. For Hunt, he will go through phases of writing. Sometimes he cranks out songs every other day for a month. Like most artists, Hunt will save snippets of lyrics in his phone and stitch them together later. Drawing on influence from The Mountain Goats, Hunt hopes PH&TGO’s albums reflect specific concepts and each tell their own story.

“I think you have to write through the bad stuff to get to the good stuff,” he says.

The band was awarded the best emo rock music video” by Reddit’s 2020 Indie Music Feedback Grammy Awards for “June Carter.” Check out the video below.

For more information about Peter Hunt & the Great Outdoors, check out their social media — Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |YouTube

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