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New Miniature Tigers!

by Mallory Dwortz
The indie-pop-synth band known for producing ’80s infused gems just released a new single, and it’s definitely worth a listen (or 10). Charlie Brand, Rick Schaier, Algernon Quashie, and Brandon Lee came together to give us some more new music to get us through quarantine. The Miniature Tigers’ new song, “Lavender Boombox,” is now available […]
photo by Ben Kreibich

Sister Species Makes Noise With New Album

by Mickayla Whitt
This past month, the alternative indie-pop septet Sister Species released a new album entitled “Light Exchanges.” With only a 26 minute run time, the band manages to pack a beautiful symphony, instruments, and melodies in ten songs. Four of the tracks on the album are instrumental songs, sounding similar to meditation music. While these songs […]

Bleak Soul Announces Debut Album With a Single

by Mickayla Whitt
This week, the former As It Is band member, Ben Biss announced his new solo project under the name Bleak Soul. With a debut record, ‘existential meditation,’ coming out TOMORROW (May 22nd), the album will consist of 8 tracks.  To give fans a little taste of what the album will sound like, Ben released a […]
Photo by Lars Juveland

“My Band Was the Trees”

by Sarah Roberts
Every musician has to start somewhere. For Peter Hunt & the Great Outdoors, that beginning originates two years ago in Downers Grove, IL. The band’s first year consisted of Hunt creating and recording music. The following year, Hunt focused more on performing with a full band. Currently, the band has two EPs out. Their first […]

Natalie Grace Alford Writes the Theme Song to Your Dreams

by Julia Colasanti
Chicago, IL sleeps under a never-ending blanket of clouds making even the native Chicagoans question if their notoriously gloomy winters have ever been this gloomy. But at a coffee shop tucked somewhere between Wicker Park and Bucktown, the clouds have given way to rays so bright the barista should hand out sunscreen with every cappuccino. […]

Indulge in These Music Videos While Stoned

by carolinepejcinovic
On Jan. 1, 2020, Illinois house bill 1438 sprung into action causing a frenzy at Chicago dispensaries. In other words, recreational marijuana became officially legal on New Year’s Day 2020, allowing residents to legally blaze their way into the new decade. To celebrate the legality of this favorite past time, here are seven music videos […]