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The 1975 Release New Song: “Love It If We Made It”

by Ben LaScola
The 1975 released a new song titled, “Love It If We Made It.” The track is a bold protest of modern times. The latest from the British indie-pop group wastes no time getting right to the point: Lead singer, Matthew Healy is fed up with the current state of affairs. No one is safe from the […]

The Only Summer Music Fest You Need

by Ben LaScola
On Wednesday, June 27th, I sat down with Ben Arguelles, creator of DZ Records, to talk about this year’s DZ Fest, his record label, and how he turned his music festival pipe dream into reality.   “I’m so bad with this stuff.” Arguelles musses, clicking away at his Apple computer. He’s on Instagram, trying to […]

Will Lamenting On The Past Save Death Cab For Cutie’s Future?

by Jesse Drake
Pioneers of modern indie rock Death Cab for Cutie released a new song just a few weeks ago. Titled, “Gold Rush,” it’s the first single off their recently announced album, Thank You For Today, with lyrics that focus on the changing neighborhoods in lead singer Ben Gibbard’s hometown of Seattle.   However, these aren’t bittersweet thoughts […]

New Release – Pink Is The Colour of Unconditional Love

by Teagan O'Connor
Experimental pop-aussie, Gabriella Cohen has released her sophomore album: Pink Is The Colour of Unconditional Love.   Fans of the ascending Brisbane singer received her 2017 debut, Full Closure and No Details, with immediate infatuation. Being released first independently in Australia and shortly thereafter in the US via Captured Tracks — the same label that […]

Vampire Weekend Bites Again

by Ben LaScola
On Friday, May 25, a picture of an old Sony television, lying smashed on the ground appeared on Instagram.      A pair of dirty, pinkish socks-in-sandals stand idly by, toes pointed towards the shattered device. Until now, the official Instagram account of indie rock band, Vampire Weekend, had been dormant since 2013. However, buzzy […]

Father John Misty’s Potential is Fully Realized in New Album

by Jesse Drake
Following the 2016 presidential election, Josh Tillman found himself in a downward spiral. His self-conflated character created a small controversy by refusing to play at a festival in Camden, New Jersey and instead lecture the audience about the evils of entertainment. This culminated in the album released just last year, Pure Comedy, which received a […]