New Miniature Tigers!

The indie-pop-synth band known for producing ’80s infused gems just released a new single, and it’s definitely worth a listen (or 10). Charlie Brand, Rick Schaier, Algernon Quashie, and Brandon Lee came together to give us some more new music to get us through quarantine.

The Miniature Tigers’ new song, “Lavender Boombox,” is now available for all listeners on your preferred music streaming service. I’m a Spotify gal myself, so here it is!

This latest jam gives me ’80s dream-pop vibes. It makes me want to float on my back in a swimming pool and let my hair float out in all directions. Something about that image seems to fit. The band’s upbeat, yet soft, tone comes through in the new single but, with a fresh and funky twist as a saxophone sweeps in to carry the song forward. Basically, “Lavender Boombox” is shaping up to be a summer staple.

Miniature Tigers hosted a live premiere on YouTube where fans could all listen in and discuss the new release, and the comments section is bursting with accolades. 🙂

Everyone should give this song a try. And seriously, take a deep dive into the soothing world of the Miniature Tigers’ music, because you won’t be disappointed! They are the perfect drive off into the sunset with the windows down kind of band, and I’ll love them forever.

Fun Fact…

A Miniature Tigers show was one of the first concerts I went to without my mom there to babysit me, and it’s a show I’ll never forget. They let everyone get on the stage and jam out with them. It was that totally perfect concert moment. Brandon Lee was right next to me absolutely rocking a pair of suspenders. It’s memories like this that really sting in the summer of no gatherings. Hopefully the world will get better soon, so more people can experience the heart-warming energy of a Miniature Tigers show.

Mallory Dwortz

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