Middle Kids – “Today We’re The Greatest”

The Australian trio, Middle Kids, returned with their sophomore album, Today We’re The Greatest. The album is a montage of the best moments of their lives as they explore their past and anticipate their future.

The album was primarily written during Hannah Joy’s pregnancy and it encompasses those experiences from before, during, and after the pregnancy along with the highs, the lows, and everything in between as she processes it all. Due to that fact that the album is so intrusive and personal, a good chunk of the album is emotionally charged indie-rock anthems. For example, “R U 4 Me?” is about deciphering one’s true intentions whereas “Questions” is about a shaky sense of trust, and the questions that circle our minds that can swiftly ruin an intimate relationship.

The album is a satisfying listen. The sound is consistent yet sincere and fragile. It tends to linger between soft, synth-pop and indie folk. It never strays too far from that breezy rock, ballad type of sound. What really elevates the album is Hannah Joy’s incredible vocals. Hannah Joy understands the balance of being both powerful and vulnerable. She truly makes it all worth the listen, and is the reason Middle Kids needs to be checked out.

Favorites From The Album

“Bad Neighbours, “Cellophane (Brain),” “R U 4 Me?,” and “Questions.”

Stream Today We’re The Greatest here:


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