Three New Singles for Your Summer Playlist

  1. “Get Back on You” by Summer Salt

If you’re looking for an effortlessly chill song to add to your summer playlist, “Get Back on You” by Summer Salt is the perfect one. Summer Salt is an indie band based in Austin who describes their sound as having a “vibrant, yet breezy vocal harmony and colorful elements of 1960s pop, Bossa Nova and jazz.” Their newest single, “Get Back on You,” dropped on July 10, listen below:

  1. “Politics & Violence” by Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike released his newest single, “Politics & Violence,” on July 9. The alternative hip-hop artist just put out his previous single, “Chicken Tenders,” at the end of June. This song is super unique with a beat/melody switch around two minutes in. If you’re a fan of musicians like Kevin Abstract, Omar Apollo, or BROCKHAMPTON, then Dominic Fike should definitely be on your radar!

  1. “Weak” by Flo Millio

This single opens with rapper Flo Milli’s signature, “Flo Milli shit!” but differs from previous singles by using sampling on the beat. This song is also a bit slower compared to most other singles by the twenty-year-old rapper, whose internet viral songs “Beef FloMix” and “In The Party” put her on the map last year. If you’re a fan of trap rap and badass women rappers like Nicki Minaj or cupcakKe, you’ll love Flo Milli.

Marissa Bachrach

I am a recent grad from Indiana University Bloomington. My B.A. is in Journalism and with a specialization in strategic communications and public relations. I love music but my favorite genres are alternative, rap, and R&B.

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