Sister Species Makes Noise With New Album

This past month, the alternative indie-pop septet Sister Species released a new album entitled “Light Exchanges.” With only a 26 minute run time, the band manages to pack a beautiful symphony, instruments, and melodies in ten songs. Four of the tracks on the album are instrumental songs, sounding similar to meditation music. While these songs allow a break to appreciate the musical talents of the band, the other six tracks allow listeners to focus on the lyrical side of Sister Species. 

The opening song “Heat Death (Hold Me Here)” on the album opens with a lyrical punch. “Cold is the ultimate absence. Shockingly measurable. Though at some point all you feel is void.”

Emily Kastrul’s angelic voice blends in with the fun sounds of trumpets, accordions, and drums. 

The titular song of the album, “Light Exchanges,” comes with a harmony of trumpets with Emily’s dreamy voice; “The rapture came & went. I didn’t notice the changes. All still & crystalline, a series of light exchanges.”

While the album has lots of fun and energetic beats with catchy lyrics, the intermission like instrumental songs really bring the album together. The mix of trumpets and accordions are a nice break to really let the previous songs set in while still getting to appreciate the work of the band in a different aspect. 

If you like dreamy and melodic indie music, (or just want to try something new) go check out Light Exchanges by Sister Species!

Mickayla Whitt

Mickayla is a Chicago based writer who loves to read, write, travel and help others let their artistic talents be recognized.

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