AJR Announce Three New Music Videos

On Sunday, August 19th, electronic pop band AJR announced the upcoming release of three new music videos.

AJR is currently promoting upcoming shows and meet-and-greets as part of their next tour The Click Tour: Part 2. The tour kicks off at London’s Electric Ballroom August 28th, and will continue around the U.S. until December 21st. The band says they will release the upcoming videos “in the next month.” AJR tweeted that they are “very proud of” the new visuals. What songs will be getting their own video? AJR replied to one fan’s tweet with the following hint:

Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met are the brothers that make up AJR. They have been making music with synths, drum pads, and horns for over a decade but most have only recently heard of them. They have enjoyed a fast rise from obscurity in the last year. In 2015 the band released their first full length project, Living Room. The album’s name was inspired by the makeshift recording space AJR used to produce the record. What Everyone’s Thinking, a five-song EP released the following year, helped put the band on the national radar. Now, thanks to catchy singles like “Sober Up” and party anthem “Burn The House Down,” AJR have been enjoying radio play on alternative and pop stations. AJR draw comparisons to tons of artists. Vampire Weekend, Jon Bellion, Simon and Garfunkel, and Twenty One Pilots just to name a few. 

AJR Performing Live

If you check out the band’s Wikipedia page, AJR’s talent becomes abundantly clear. All three members provide vocals and percussion, Adam and Jack play guitar, Jack and Ryan both play keys, and all three musicians add samples during live shows. Armed with unique instruments like trumpets, ukuleles, and melodicas, AJR puts on a memorable show every time. Watching them perform is watching three kids let loose in a giant candy-video-game-Lego exhibition, each one playing with unabashed passion and joy. AJR shirk any need to be cool, trading songs about partying for songs about literally not smoking weed, or boasting about how delightfully not famous they are.

The list of artists that have worked with AJR is growing. So far the trio has recorded tracks with Macklemore, Lil’ Yachty, and Weezer’s frontman Rivers Cuomo. Robert Delong is signed up to open for AJR on The Click 2 Tour. A lot of AJR’s passion comes from the years of work they put into their music before anyone was listening. They know what it’s like to play for an empty room. They recorded their first album in one, after all. Now that they have an audience, AJR won’t miss their chance to make their voice heard.

Listen to AJR’s latest hit, “Burn The House Down.”


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