Welcome to the Year of Chicago Music

Chicago. Where blues float heavy with each gust of wind and if you listen closely, you can hear whispers of Muddy Waters wash over the pavement. A city that raised entire generations on the meaty soul plucked from a cello during a jazz rift and punched fissures into the sidewalk to mirror the crackle of a soulful vinyl. Chicagoans speak fluent rhythm with the stylistic twang of their neighborhood’s unique sound woven together like a patchwork of this magnificent quilt.

The city speaks in music, so it is only fitting that Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events declared 2020 the “Year of Chicago Music.” With this designation, an investment of $3.5 million will foster the city’s rhythmic collaborators and showcase its musical history. The initiative will focus on the south and west sides of Chicago and leave a lasting pulse throughout the entire city.

Some highlights include an 18-day music celebration called “Chicago In Tune,” enhanced youth and teen programming, a 17-day World Music Festival, pop-up performances in underutilized spaces, increased cultural grants, opportunities for Chicago musicians and much more!

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You can become a part of this historic moment in music by applying, auditioning for and supporting the events taking place throughout the year. More information can be found on the City of Chicago website.

Music has the power to drown out our differences and compose individual stories into an anthem—it’s time to show the world how well Chicago can harmonize!

Julia Colasanti

A music-obsessed journalist, hungry to dive in on any and all genres.

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