We’ve reached a point where you can’t have any significant conversations about Chicago rap or Drill music without mentioning G Herbo. G Herbo, or “Lil’ Herb,” is a Southeast Chicago Native and one of the most talented and recognized rappers from the city. He has risen to fame due to his exceptional rapping skill and authenticity.

G Herbo’s Background

G Herbo started his rise to fame with longtime childhood friend and rapper Lil’ Bibby. The two grew up together on the east side of Chicago and if you listen to their music, you’ll see this is a fact they are both very proud of. Herbo’s music is a reflection of his times in the streets of Chicago. He tells countless stories of his previous street life but, also makes a point to show that his involvement in the streets is directly linked to his upbringing and lack of options provided to the youth by the city.

He cautionary tells and offers advice to a younger crowd that may be experiencing the same that he did. A consistent theme in his music is a loss. He has lost countless friends and family members to the streets of Chicago and talks about coping with loss often.

Recent Projects

Herbo came out with three projects between 2018 and 2019. He released a duet album with producer Southside called Swervo, then the two released another project called Still Swervin which is an extension of Swervo. Toward the end of 2019, he released a short project called Sessions. This project is supposed to share a connection to his upcoming album PTSD.

PTSD is the title of both Herbo’s new album and his upcoming tour. As you can see from the title, the album will address the issues of post-traumatic stress and it’s prevalence not only in the army but, in troubled areas right here in America, such as certain parts of Chicago.

The tour is set to start on February 27. Although there are no Chicago dates as of now, he will be performing at The Forge in Joliet, IL on April 3, and The Rave in Milwaukee, WI on April 4.

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