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WHAT?! A Word on Ear Protection

by Ashley Eyeson July 1, 2017
All live music lovers, and especially the speaker huggers in the EDM scene: listen up! Assaulting your fragile eardrums with high decibel sound on a regular basis could be costing you your hearing. Honestly…it doesn’t even need to be on a regular basis to do irreparable damage. If developing tinnitus (buzzing or ringing in the […]

So you hire a DJ and get arrested…What do you do?

by Felipe Villaon April 11, 2017
So this guy is coming from Europe to play at an African Music Festival in Tunisia, and it’s the usual DJ business you know: fly in, play some good tunes, connect with the audience, and fly out – well, the connection with the audience didn’t go very well. Berlin Based DJ Dax J was feeling himself […]


Chicago is for (Music) Lovers

by Elaine Omorion September 25, 2015
When someone mentions Chicago, there are many different things that may come to mind: the Great Chicago Fire, deep-dish pizza, gangsters like Al Capone, or our sports teams. But not only is our city famous for skyscrapers and “Windy” politics: Chi-town also has a pretty impressive music scene! Spend some time in the city and […]

5 Can’t-Miss Chicago Concerts of 2015

by Elaine Omorion August 31, 2015
With summer and festival-season coming to an end, it’s natural for music fans to be feeling a little down. But the colder weather and shorter days don’t mean that the parties stop! There are plenty of artists touring this fall and winter and plenty of shows to check out. Here’s a list of some must-see […]

5 Reasons To Be Pumped For North Coast Music Festival 2015

by Elaine Omorion August 17, 2015
This year’s North Coast Music Festival is less that 20 days away and we hope you’re ready for an awesome weekend! And in case you’re looking for a few extra reasons to be excited, search no further! Red Roll has put together a list of the top 5 reasons you should be pumped for NCMF […]

Spring Awakening Countdown: 5 Reasons We Are Hyped About SAMF 2015

by Elaine Omorion June 4, 2015
There are less that ten days left until Chicago’s fourth annual Spring Awakening Music Festival! While you’re waiting, check out these 5 reasons why we’re totally hyped for SAMF 2015: 1) Soldier Field is an amazing venue Commissioned in 1919, the stadium’s grand opening was held on October 6th, 1924. It was originally named the […]