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Three Must-Watch Quarantine Concerts From Last Week

by Marissa Bachrach
1. This “The Less I Know The Better” Tame Impala cover by Still Woozy. The pandemic struck right as both Tame Impala and Still Woozy were about to kick off summer tours, sadly I was supposed to go to both bands’ Chicago shows back to back May 29 and May 30. So this groovy Still […]

Coronavirus: What Does it Mean for Music?

by Mickayla Whitt
With the Coronavirus cases rising across the world, a lot of people are beginning to panic and officials are finding out the best way to go about treating the spread of the COVID-19. The World Health Organization have suggested limiting not only travel to certain countries but, also limiting gatherings of multiple people. What does […]

Welcome to the Year of Chicago Music

by Julia Colasanti
Chicago. Where blues float heavy with each gust of wind and if you listen closely, you can hear whispers of Muddy Waters wash over the pavement. A city that raised entire generations on the meaty soul plucked from a cello during a jazz rift and punched fissures into the sidewalk to mirror the crackle of […]

Everything, Everywhere – The Concert Tour You Didn’t Know You Needed

by Sarah Roberts
AJR, Quinn XCII and Hobo Johnson announced their North American Tour, Everything Everywhere, for the summer. Starting July 21, the three artists will start in Texas and cross the country until the tour ends August 23 in Washington. The Lovemakers and Ashe will be on the tour as well. AJR consists of three brothers, Jack, […]

New EDM to Warm Your Winter

by Mallory Dwortz
Since the beginning of 2020, artists have been working hard at producing handfuls of new music for us to digest during the gloomiest of seasons. February is, without a doubt, the worst month of the year (sorry Valentine’s Day). So, to warm our frost-bitten ears, a wave of fresh EDM is penetrating the winter cold […]

Billy Raffoul Reminds Us, “It’s a Beautiful Life”

by Julia Colasanti
Press play, lean in close and let Billy Raffoul whisper his new single into your soul, “It’s a Beautiful Life.” The rhythm bounces on the piano keys and reaches inside your heart, opening it to the rush of joy that comes with a refreshed perspective. Each pulse is light, dancing weightless like dust circling through […]