Young Dolph ‘Rich Slave’

Young Dolph has been on a nice run when it comes to releasing music and it continued in mid-August when he dropped his 6th studio album titled, Rich Slave. This follows his collaboration album with rapper Key Glock on Dum and Dummer. As a promotion for the album, he even gave away the car in the cover art to a fan.

Background on Dolph

Young Dolph was born in Chicago, IL, but raised in Memphis, Tennessee. The rapper even is a distant relative of Chicago’s JuiceWrld. Dolph has risen to success in the rap game fairly quickly and managed to bring some of that fame back to Memphis. His sound is very unique, as well as his rapping style. Dolph seems to just talk over beats, but he has evolved as a rapper over the years.

Even though Dolph is primarily a Trap Rapper, he takes a step out of the box on this album and it pays off. In his song “The Land,” he talks about the state of the world, and how he feels that America has never had his best interest at heart as a black man.

Rich Slave The Album

In my opinion, this album is Young Dolph’s best piece of work yet. I’ve been a fan since basically the beginning of his career. He has managed to make a name for himself on the Memphis Trap Music scene. He even has went toe to toe with arguably the biggest rapper from Memphis, Yo Gotti.

He makes it clear that he wants the title of best rapper in Memphis on this project. He takes steps forward as a musician and adds more compelling subject matter to his catalog. The album is available on Spotify and Apple.

Eric Hendrix

Just a native south side Chicago kid with an opinion or two.

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  1. Dolph is so dope for giving away the Lambo. Much respect to Young Dolph. I enjoyed Dum and Dummer; I’m gonna have to get around to giving this album a listen. You can never go wrong with Dolph.

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