Marshmello Identity Confirmed

The true identity of popular electronic dance music producer and DJ, Marshmello, has been verified.  On Saturday, March 4, British producer Feed Me shared a photo on his Instagram story which had EDM community buzzing.

The photo shows Marshmello taking a video on his phone of someone else donning his helmet, in the reflection of a mirror, in what many speculate is an artists’ green room.

The EDM community had rumors and speculations of Marshmello’s identity belonging to Dotcom.  Both artists are managed by the same team, and were never seen together in the same place.

Last June, Skrillex sat down with Katie Couric to talk about his career and near the end of the video he referred repeatedly to Marshmello as “Chris”, a.k.a Chris Comstock, (Dotcom).

This accident was bound to happen sooner or later  In a social media filled world, how long can someone’s true identity really be kept a secret?

The question I have now is, will Marshmello’s popularity continue?  In light of this news, I decided to look into Dotcom and compare his fanbase and popularity to Marshmello.

On Facebook, Dotcom has 189,899 likes and Marshmello has 3,047,289 likes.  These numbers may not mean much because, after all, it is just social media.  However, it does tell me there is something to be said about the mystery of not knowing someone’s identity.

Regardless of whether or not Marshmello’s popularity continues, I have to hand it to his marketing team.  Branding yourself as a DJ is not easy, and re-branding yourself is even more difficult.  By donning a helmet, keeping his identity hidden and collaborating with some of the biggest names currently in EDM, Marshmello made a name for himself within the community.  When you hear a track by Marshmello, you just know it’s his by the distinct sound.

Since the mystery of who is under the famous white LED helmet has been solved, maybe fans will start to lose interest until the next big marketing production comes along.

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