Behemoth Frontman Announces New Project Me And That Man

Behemoth’s frontman, Nergal, has been teasing us with pictures and videos of an upcoming project that can only be described as a folk/country/blues mash up on his Instagram since early 2015, before a name was even released. But now we’ve finally got something!

An official website has been launched for Nergal’s side project, Me And That Man, which features a countdown timer that’s set to finish on January 13, 2017. Whether the date is an album release, a single release, pre-orders, or something else totally different is unknown right now. Fortunately, there’s a trailer you can watch, which continues to shroud this project in mystery.

So far, all we know of the side project is that it is to feature John Porter, another Polish musician. Earlier this year, Nergal revealed to Metal Hammer that the name of the album is Love Is A Dog From Hell, and that he either wants people to absolutely love it or absolutely hate it.

“The more radical and more extreme they are, the more delighted I will be. The worst thing you can get is people just saying, ‘Yeah, it’s OK.’ I want people to either say, ‘F**k you, a*****e. I’m throwing out all the Behemoth records because of all this crap you recorded.’ That’s what I would love to see on one hand.

And on the other, ‘All that piece of shit Behemoth stuff you’ve done, I don’t want you to scream any more.’ I want to get both reactions. It’s influenced by everything from Neil Young, early Nick Cave, Seasick Steve and Wovenhand. It’s got some Clash, some Damned, some post-punk influence as well. It’s got some country notes as well. It’s really diverse.”

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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