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Guitar Center is Facing Risk of Bankruptcy

by David Gagnonon May 3, 2018
Rock and roll may never die, but that certainly doesn’t count for companies who rely on it for sales. According to a report from Digital Music News, Guitar Center, one of the biggest instrument retailers in the United States with more than 280 locations, is in “serious bankruptcy.” Rumors of financial woes with Guitar Center […]

Riot Fest’s Hilarious Rules: “No Pineapple On Pizza!”

by Betsyon April 24, 2018
I must laugh at Riot fests 2017 amusing rules (the rules for 2018 are still to come.) These rules included “Donald Trump-NO”, “ Justin Bieber-NO” and “Crying-NO”. Yes, there are some also realistic and important rules in their long list of “Weapons, knives, or firearms of any kind- NO” and “Fireworks or incendiary devices- NO”. […]

Star Wars-Themed Metal Band Announces Summer Tour

by David Gagnonon June 9, 2017
I can’t believe it took me this long to write that headline, but it’s finally happening! A band themed after one of my favorite franchises is touring this summer! You might remember this band from the closing days of 2015, when a metal cover of John Williams’s melody for Star Wars dropped on the Internet […]

Wacken Open Air Adds Beer Pipeline

by David Gagnonon June 2, 2017
What drink goes best with three days of non-stop metal? Beer. Wacken Open Air has added its own beer pipeline to transport 400,000 liters of beer. The festival expects 75,000 festival goers to swarm the town of Wacken, Germany from August 3rd to August 5th, outnumbering the town’s population of 1,800. I’m sure they’ll be […]

Led Zeppelin Is Not Reuniting This Year

by David Gagnonon May 15, 2017
Sorry folks, but the rumors aren’t true. A few weeks ago, the music community was ablaze when a rumor was passed around that the legendary rock band, Led Zeppelin, would be reuniting at Desert Trip 2017. The rumor began when Metal Insider reported that Robert Plant’s official website had changed to a black screen with […]

Riot Fest Announces 2017 Line Up

by David Gagnonon April 19, 2017
Earlier this morning, the organizers of Chicago’s Riot Fest announced their 2017 line up. Set to take place in Douglas Park on September 15 – 17, over 70 artists have been announced in the first wave of line up announcements, the headliners being Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, and Jawbreaker. Other inclusions […]