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This King is One Cool Cat

by Betsy
On Easter Sunday, April 1st, 2018 Alice Cooper performed “King Herod’s Song” as King Herod on NBC’s live production of, Jesus Christ Superstar by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. This musical tells the story of Jesus (John Legend), Mary Magdalene (Sarah Bareilles) and his followers in the weeks leading up to the betrayal by […]

Riot Fest’s Hilarious Rules: “No Pineapple On Pizza!”

by Betsy
I must laugh at Riot fests 2017 amusing rules (the rules for 2018 are still to come.) These rules included “Donald Trump-NO”, “ Justin Bieber-NO” and “Crying-NO”. Yes, there are some also realistic and important rules in their long list of “Weapons, knives, or firearms of any kind- NO” and “Fireworks or incendiary devices- NO”. […]