This King is One Cool Cat

On Easter Sunday, April 1st, 2018 Alice Cooper performed “King Herod’s Song” as King Herod on NBC’s live production of, Jesus Christ Superstar by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

This musical tells the story of Jesus (John Legend), Mary Magdalene (Sarah Bareilles) and his followers in the weeks leading up to the betrayal by Judas (Brandon Victor Dixon) ending with the crucifixion of Jesus. Cooper, rocking a gold suit and skull cane as King Herod ended his song with a mic drop and the crowd exploded into wild cheers.


Cooper is known for his songs “School’s out for Summer” (1972), and “No More Mr. Nice Guy” (1973). Along with his stage success he has also appeared in several movies as himself, including Wayne’s World (Spheeris 1992) and Dark Shadows (Burton 2012.) If that wasn’t enough, you can also see him in a few television programs including, The Muppet’s, Season 3 episode 7 (October 28, 1978).

Join Alice Cooper’s minions by listening to his radio show, “Nights with Alice Cooper”, on The Fox 103.9 in the Chicago area at 7PM weeknights.


Looking to see Alice Cooper up close and personal? He is performing August 3rd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Wisconsin State Fair.



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