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Me and That Man’s Songs of Love and Death – Review

by David Gagnon
Many were surprised when Nergal, the frontman of the notorious Polish death metal act Behemoth, announced that he was working on a folk/blues/country project. The project went unnamed for the longest time, with only clips of songs that Nergal posted to his Instagram. Eventually, we got a name, “Me and That Man,” and that Nergal […]

Behemoth, Lamb of God, and Slayer to Tour North America

by David Gagnon
Rumors were flying a few days ago about a possible tour between Behemoth, Lamb of God, and Slayer. But now, it has been confirmed! The mighty trio will be touring North America for six weeks beginning in Bemidji, Minnesota on July 12 and ending in Phoenix, Arizona on August 20. Slayer and Lamb of God […]

Behemoth Frontman Announces New Project Me And That Man

by David Gagnon
Behemoth’s frontman, Nergal, has been teasing us with pictures and videos of an upcoming project that can only be described as a folk/country/blues mash up on his Instagram since early 2015, before a name was even released. But now we’ve finally got something! An official website has been launched for Nergal’s side project, Me And […]

Behemoth and Myrkur Performance Review

by David Gagnon
To experience a Behemoth live show, is not to experience a normal live show. It’s to experience a dark ritual, conjuring malevolent images in the mind. Behemoth has always kicked ass, and at the rate they’re going with the success of their most recent album, “The Satanist”, it raises the question of how the band […]

Behemoth Announces North American Tour

by David Gagnon
It wasn’t too long ago that Behemoth was last in the United States, touring with Tribulation, Aeon, and Cannibal Corpse. In the past, the band has promised to play their most recent album ‘The Satanist’ in full for their American fans. Now the band is about to make good on that promise. Behemoth has announced […]