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Albums to Look Forward To

by Mickayla Whitt
With most of us (hopefully) staying inside, there’s some time to get into new stuff. With lots of music in the year to come, here are five albums coming out in the spring to get excited for. 1. All Time Low The well known pop-punk band from Baltimore is set to release their eighth studio […]

Upcoming Albums to Look Forward to In 2020

by Darlene
With the new year comes plenty of great new albums to come. Many huge names have confirmed their upcoming album, or some sort of music release. Below are just the peak of some upcoming project for the beginning of the year. Some dates are still vague but there are some definite known releases to look […]

7 Artists to Look Forward to in 2019

by Daniel Friedland
With a new year comes tons of new music. Here are 7 of the artists I am anticipating most of in 2019. Superorganism With members hailing from Australia to Japan, and everywhere in between, Superorganism made a name for themselves with their 2018, self-titled debut album. The project’s creativity, turning apples and soda bottles instruments, […]