San Holo Releases “bb u ok?” Album and Announces Upcoming Tour

The long-awaited album is finally here. Following this year’s slew of single releases, musician and producer San Holo dropped an expansive 20-track album just in time for the summer sun. Sander Dijck spared no amount of creativity and energy on this project, showcasing his storytelling ability through music by melting each song into the next.

The bb u ok? album features collaborations with Chet Porter, Mr. Carmack, Bipolar Sunshine, and more! It’s a vibrant collection of different styles and corners of this genre– all working together to create a cohesive, yet unpredictable album. From “i am thinking of you,” to “one more day,” both of which share the same melody, “full circle…” San Holo tweeted, referencing this unity of intro and outro melodies.

San Holo also announced a North American tour to accompany this latest album, sending fans into a frenzy– those who swooned for bb u ok? anyway…

Many are calling it “emo-edm” either as a term of endearment or disappointment. I wouldn’t personally call the album sad, but it certainly echos with emotion– with an intense quality that comes across as more uplifting and soothing than anything else. “find your way,” for instance, melts into the ears with a hopeful quietness that couldn’t possibly dampen my mood. I’m not going to get up and dance to it, but there is certainly a hopeful passion there. I find “wheels up” to be the most exciting song included in the bb u ok? album. The combination of guitar-driven beat drops, San Holo’s electronic smoothness, and Weezer’s rock influence makes for a unique flavor that stays true to Sander, while also delivering something new and genre-bending to the San Holo library.

The song “ewing street” pays homage to the place where Sander wrote much of the album, as he said on Twitter. That’s the kind of inspiration you can sense while listening to this album; and hopefully, the same warmth will transcend the digital and make its way to the stage, because, again, we’re getting a tour! San Holo announced an exciting North American tour to accompany this new release– taking the music on the road and into our hometowns. Ready your ticket-buying-typing-fingers, because I don’t think we’re going to want to miss this.

Check out this article for a more in-depth look at the album’s creation, and click here for more insights into bb u ok? collaborations.

Listen here!

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