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System Of A Down Divided Over Political Beliefs

by Darlene
Like much of the world, half of System Of A Down is divided over their thoughts on the recent death of George Floyd and the outcomes. Singer Serj Tankian and drummer John Dolmayan are embroiled in a civil disagreement on Instagram over President Donald Trump’s handling of George Floyd’s death and the fallout that came […]

Joyce Manor Releases New Album

by Mickayla Whitt
After two years of not releasing any music, the California rock band Joyce Manor released Songs from Northern Torrance, a 10 track album that only runs 15 minutes in length. The band throws it back to their roots with a DIY sound and heavy instrumentals from the late 2000s In regards to what the band […]

Dance Gavin Dance Shows No Signs of Stopping With New Album

by Mickayla Whitt
This month, Dance Gavin Dance released their ninth album, Afterburner. The post-hardcore band released this album via Rise Records. This thirteen song album has fans feeling excited. The band took a bit of a new approach with this album, adding some electric sounds. The band is known for expanding into different genres, but this one […]

Young Culture on the Rise

by Mickayla Whitt
This past week, New York-based pop-punk band Young Culture released a new song called “Holiday in Vegas.” With little warning except for the day before, the three piece band took fans by surprise by dropping the single.  Thirty minutes before the song premiered on YouTube, the band had a live Q&A to have a chance […]

Pre-Release Review: Bandaid Brigade’s Breakout Album

by Sarah Roberts
Bandaid Brigade drops their debut album “I’m Separate” on January 21. The band consists of Zach Quinn (PEARS) on guitar, bass and vocals, Brian Wahlstrom (Scorpios, Gods of Mount Olympus) playing keys and vocals, Paul Rucker (Armchair Martian, Street Dogs, Drag The River) on drums and Chris Fogal (The Gamits) playing guitar. With Wahlstrom being […]

The Lumineers Powerful III Tour

by Julia Colasanti
The Album This album does more than just tell a story. It pulls you in, shakes you from your cushy reality and takes you on the tragic journey of the fictional Spark family. From the first song, you are engulfed in the familiar sound of windshield wipers during a spring rain. A beat that we’ve […]