Young Culture on the Rise

This past week, New York-based pop-punk band Young Culture released a new song called “Holiday in Vegas.” With little warning except for the day before, the three piece band took fans by surprise by dropping the single. 

Thirty minutes before the song premiered on YouTube, the band had a live Q&A to have a chance to chat with fans and answer some of their questions about the song! 

With the band currently on tour with Selfish Things, Fredo Disco, and Have Mercy, the song makes for a perfect addition to the setlist to hype the crowd up. The energetic mix of upbeat lyrics and rhythmic instruments allows fans to let loose and dance.

The song opens with the sound of people talking, laughing and clearly having a good time which sets the tone for the song. This flows into lead singer Alex Magnan drawing in the listeners:

“You taste sun-kissed. A glimpse of summer onto my lips. Yeah you’re a holiday in Vegas. Baby you might be crazy. But I think you got my crazy for you”

The chorus has a catchy tune, flowing with the lyrics:
“You make me wanna go to different places. Drunk at 10A.M. you’re making me shameless. Blow my money like we’re rich and famous. You’re a holiday in Vegas”

This replicates the feeling of euphoria, pure happiness, and reminiscence that you feel when you’re with someone you love. Go check out the song and see if you love it as much as we do!

Mickayla Whitt

Mickayla is a Chicago based writer who loves to read, write, travel and help others let their artistic talents be recognized.

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