Jai Wolf Ventures Composure With “A Cure to Loneliness”

The power of gusty beats and serene waves bliss us once again with Jai Wolf’s new debut album, “A Cure to Loneliness”.

This 12-track album entitles everyone who listens, a sense of belonging. Since it dropped on Friday, April 5, I haven’t been able to stray away from making it apart of my daily routine. The joyous sounds combined with smooth, tranquil melodies, facilitates an utmost peace-of-mind, and overall state of radiance.

Genre-curving electronic producer, Jai Wolf, continues to embrace an aspiring approach towards his creative process with dance music. As the popularity of this category of music continues to progressively sky-rocket, it’s important that producers within this industry maintain their own inventiveness.

It’s common to hear from music listeners who don’t prefer the sound of invasive beats and staggering noises, to assume that it all sounds the same. However, for originators like Jai Wolf, the daring challenges EDM offers is what drives them to curte the most riveting pieces- like the ones compiled throughout “A Cure to Loneliness.”

Many artists, including Jai Wolf, have learned to embody a genuine vision, rather than relying on the systematic’s of others. Facilitating personal inspirations, experiences, and interests allow the product of their music to project the raw and original sounds that we all grow to love. Wolf did not hesitate to incorporate his own aspirations within “A Cure to Loneliness.” The overall personability throughout each track allows for that vital sense of connection, or that indescribable feeling that music endlessly gifts us with.

The matters that he took into his own hands with this album, stem from his childhood and his undeniable appreciation for music. In an interview published on Wolf’s release date with Forbes magazine contributor, Chris Malone, he explains where his inspiration for the album originated. He says,

“My interest in specifically producing as a solo electronic artist came about because I couldn’t find other people to be in a band with me, and I really wanted to do the band thing. But a lot of my friends were just not listening to the same music; I always found myself going to concerts by myself because I couldn’t get my friends to come.”

Malone continues to expand on this by explaining that the loneliness Wolf felt during these times are what helped him formulate this album.

However, isolation is far from the only revelation Wolf employs within his music. In the same article, Malone makes mention of Wolf’s top musical influences which includes Fall Out Boy, CHVRCHES, Two Door Cinema Club, ODESZA, Flume and Porter Robinson. To recognize these mentors, Wolf says,

“My album is definitely a sort of tribute to the bands I used to like as well as the electronic artists I like, and sort of finding that middle ground between them without veering too deeply one way or the other.”

In Wolf’s words, “A Cure to Loneliness” prospects “all the facets of loneliness on a spectrum.” Now I’m sure I can speak for more than just myself when I say music has the capacity to roam through all aspects of life and make it- even if it’s just slightly- more serene. Whether it’s Jai Wolf’s “Better Apart” or Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” that gets you up in the morning, it’s certain that the troublesomes of life can dissolve, even if it’s just for a moment that lasts 3 minutes and 55 seconds.

Take some time to find your own connectedness with Jai Wolf’s new album, “A Cure to Loneliness.” Don’t forget that even when you’re alone, there’s always the enchanting presence of music to rely on.


Avid concert goer and rave fanatic. Currently pursuing a Journalism & Mass Communications degree at Des Moines Area Community College. My passion for music, writing, and traveling has lead me here, to share my thoughts and experiences within the world of bass drops and epic sounds. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to go out and spread some peace, love and unity ~

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