System Of A Down Divided Over Political Beliefs

Like much of the world, half of System Of A Down is divided over their thoughts on the recent death of George Floyd and the outcomes. Singer Serj Tankian and drummer John Dolmayan are embroiled in a civil disagreement on Instagram over President Donald Trump’s handling of George Floyd’s death and the fallout that came afterwards.

Tankian’s Take

On Sunday, Tankian made a mocking post about Trump’s reaction to the protests in Washington, D.C. writing, “Run Donny run into your bunker. You may be the first US President to do so out of fear of your own citizens. A real leader would address the nation properly and a real man would go face the protesters on the streets in person.” Tankian then demanded that Trump resign from his position as president.

Tankian’s post.

Dolmayan’s Take

Just two days later, Dolmayan began posting pro-Trump rhetoric, praising Trump for doing more for the black community since President Abraham Lincoln.
Dolmayan’s first post.

Dolmayan’s Video

Both posts caused an uproar for the fans which cause Dolmayan to come back and make a second post. Dolmayan stated that they are four individuals that cannot always be like-minded. He did assure fans that despite differing opinions, he and Tankian are civil and often learn from each other. He then further expanded on his views.

Dolmayan stated that he agrees with peaceful protesting as it is the American right, but that he does not agree with the generalizations being made about all cops. Almost, contradictory, he criticized Colin Kaepernick for peacefully kneeling during the anthem but, he admitted it’s his right to do so. He also stated that he does not agree with defunding the police, the looting, and stated he believes we no longer need affirmative action. Despite making very controversial statements, he said he has many civil conversations with fans with opposing political beliefs.

Dolmayan’s second post talking about the split opinions and his own conservative views.

Tankian’s response to the opposing side

Tankian, on the other hand, was confused by some of the outrages he received from the fan base who did not align with his views and asked him “not to be political. ” On the Side Jams with Bryan Reesman podcast, Takian said, “But what I don’t understand, and a lot of people that follow the music say the same thing. They’re like, ‘Have you not listened to the fu*king words in 20 years? He’s been saying all this stuff through his music all this time. What are you, just dancing to it because it’s groovy? You’re not really getting the message.”

Many fans speculated that these differing opinions could be the reason for the lack of new albums, despite still touring together. Their last album, Hypnotize was released in 2005. We all would love another album and hope that one day it can come to be.


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