Joyce Manor Releases New Album

After two years of not releasing any music, the California rock band Joyce Manor released Songs from Northern Torrance, a 10 track album that only runs 15 minutes in length. The band throws it back to their roots with a DIY sound and heavy instrumentals from the late 2000s

In regards to what the band had to say about the album, they stated via Twitter that the album is a compilation of songs recorded before their first album.

The album is interesting not only due to the fact fans can clearly hear how the band’s sound has evolved over the last twelve years but, also the fact that it exposes newer fans to what the band used to sound like.

The majority of the songs had been released prior to this, but only in certain situations as the band lets fans know on Twitter.

Two songs on the album “Who Gave You a Baby” and “Danke Schoen” were early home recordings that had never been previously released.

The opening track on the album “House Warming Party” sets the tone for the album in regards to what it sounds like. The somewhat angry, almost punk DIY sound carries from the moment this song starts to the moment the last song “Leather Jacket” ends.

If you enjoy the late 2000s punk DIY sound, check out the compilation album Songs From Northern Torrance on Spotify and Apple Music now!

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