Oregon’s Most Beloved Music Festival Comes Back this August

Photo by: Zipporah Lomax
Photo by: Zipporah Lomax

In an attempt to reunite the humans of planet Earth with their spiritual counterparts, Beloved Art & Music Festival was crafted up and brought to life in the hotter months of 2007.

Located in Tidewater Falls, Beloved celebrates its ninth year as a festival in the beautiful forests of the Oregon coast from August 12-15 of this year.

By focusing on the positive changes brought upon by what is called “Sacred Music,” attendees are encouraged to connect with themselves, each other, Divine powers, and the Earth in “universal oneness,” according to the Beloved website. 

Beloved takes oneness quite seriously, and tries to spread the message of unity in all of their actions and creations. They differ from other festivals because of this, offering only one stage for all of the performances and ceremonies, musical or not. The idea behind this is the idea behind everything else at the Beloved festival: to show that as humans we are all one, and to provide festi-goers with a continuous and magical experience.


Aside from the one main stage, Beloved offers other amenities to help its guests both ground themselves and appreciate the place and space they are in. Yoga, meditation, prayer services and more can be found at the Temple Meadow, a secluded area whose main intention is that of serenity. There’s also a Health and Wellbeing area where showers and saunas can be used at a low fee. The Village is a marketplace filled with merchants selling handcrafted goods, food, beverages, and treats. The First Aid area can also be found here.

Photo by: Dijon Bowden
Photo by: Dijon Bowden

Beloved prides itself on its inept ability to bring people from all over the world together to realign with their true purpose. The festival has sold out tickets for six consecutive years now, proving their message is both strong and active.

The teachings and traditions found at Beloved have been practiced for hundreds of years, making this festival one of the purest and most spiritual. 

Tickets are still available for sale, and can be found at


Indulging in great music with fabulous people and causing chaos downtown Chicago. Loving every second of it.

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