Future Islands: New Remixes and Going on Tour

This endlessly unique synth-pop band has been busy. Earlier this month, Future Islands released three new remixes, while also adding shows to their upcoming 2021 U.S. tour (EU/UK in 2022). 

The Calling Out in Space Tour was originally set to begin on September 1st in Los Angeles, but will now kick off on August 31st in Anaheim, California– extending the Future Islands fun and allowing more adoring fans to scream out the lyrics to their latest album, As Long As You Are (and some old favorites too, I hope). Future Islands also took to Twitter to add a show in Bozeman, Montana on Tuesday, September 14th.

Grab your tickets to the Calling Out In Space Tour!

The band also excitedly tweeted the release of three new remixes. Featuring songs from the As Long As You Are album, this single release includes reimagined versions of “Thrill (Did They Hear Me Calling),” “Plastic Beach,” and “The Painter.” The Egyptian Lover, Moss Of Aura, and Alle Alle took charge of these remixes (in the same order), adding a new flair and fresh twist to these already vibrant Future Islands originals. One such remix was actually forged by one of the group’s own. Moss Of Aura, or Gerrit Welmers, bravely wields the keyboard for the band– as well as releasing his own music, “Perfect for starry nights and sunset drives to the beach 🏖 in your spaceship.” The group also has a strong relationship with Alle Alle (Dan Gaeta), having played many a show with this “man of many names” as the band said on Twitter.

Listen Below 🙂

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