Save the Date for Future Islands’ Album Release Live Stream!

Following the release of their newest single “Thrill,” Gerrit Welmers, William Cashion, Samuel T Herring, and Michael Lowry have set a date for their album drop. Paired with a live stream to celebrate its completion, As Long As You Are, will be available for listening on October 9th.


This latest, passionate single will sit alongside “For Sure” on the fall 2020 album. It features Sam Herring’s signature vocals, giving us that unique sound so unmistakably Future Islands. The synth-pop band never ceases to put a fresh spin on the music so singular to the group. “Thrill” will undoubtedly be a heavy-hanging, emotion-filled addition to a highly anticipated album.

Nobody gonna pick me up/ I’m falling down/ And I’m 5th Street. Bound/ Now nobody wanna fill me up/ I’ve fallen down/ None of my friends around.”

As Long As You Are

The band took to Twitter to announce their album’s release date and boost fans’ excitement for the live stream. Their energetic live performances are a sight to see, so the prospect of a streaming session on the day of an album drop gives us a glimmer of past years’ concert-filled evenings. It will surely not disappoint. Click here to reserve your ticket!

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