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Oregon’s Most Beloved Music Festival Comes Back this August

by ninaclev
In an attempt to reunite the humans of planet Earth with their spiritual counterparts, Beloved Art & Music Festival was crafted up and brought to life in the hotter months of 2007. Located in Tidewater Falls, Beloved celebrates its ninth year as a festival in the beautiful forests of the Oregon coast from August 12-15 […]

Dead and Company Completely Own Bonnaroo

by ninaclev
When you’re the original three members of one of the most historical and mind-altering bands of all time, Bonnaroo gives you two full sets on the last night of their 15th Anniversary. When you shred the guitar in a newsboy whilst still managing to make thousands of girls melt at once, you get to join those three […]

ARISE Music Festival Brings Magic to Colorado Mountainsides

by ninaclev
There’s just something about summer that makes people want to be outside, dancing their asses off in an enclosed area dedicated to nothing but sound, friendship, positivity, and making insane memories. Lucky for people, the world is full of places where they can do exactly that: music festivals. The combination of sunny skies, warm weather […]