ARISE Music Festival Brings Magic to Colorado Mountainsides

There’s just something about summer that makes people want to be outside, dancing their asses off in an enclosed area dedicated to nothing but sound, friendship, positivity, and making insane memories. Lucky for people, the world is full of places where they can do exactly that: music festivals. The combination of sunny skies, warm weather and beautiful scenery make attending music festivals in the summer an absolute must.

Each and every year, both new and old music festivals pop up in various locations around the world. Big cities, farmlands, beaches – you name it, a festival is there.

Music festivals offer a few days of absolute magic for those who decide to attend them, creating a space where it is safe to dance like no one is watching – or like everyone is watching.

urlThis year, Colorado’s ARISE festival, located at the Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, is offering more than just a place for music to be enjoyed and memories to be made. ARISE, which takes place August 5-7, features renowned yoga instructors from across the world, who will both be teaching classes and leading people to spiritual fulfillment over the course of the festival. When fest-goers aren’t bending over backwards and meditating in the Colorado sun, they have the opportunity to hear some of the greatest indie, electronic, soul and reggae music currently out there. Hundreds of food and drink vendors will be located around the vicinity, along with a special shower oasis for VIP guests.

Photo by Dylan Langille

One of the coolest things about ARISE, perhaps, is their integration of all different types of creative outlets. The Big Sunrise Dome is an air-conditioned space that offers a more intimate experience to fest-goers, giving them a place to escape the heat and enjoy a multitude othings including movies, acoustic sets and storytelling. The Playshop Sessions take place in the Dome, and offer even more of a magical experience, such as learning how to write songs from some of the musicians performing.

ARISE festival is completely kid-friendly, and includes a Children’s Village where those underage can go and experience the festival at their own pace and level. There are several different villages located around the campsite, each of them encompassing and promoting a different positive lifestyle outlook, such as “Wisdom” and “Solutions.” Art installations and theme camps will be all around Sunrise Ranch, the power of creativity flowing in every direction.

Photo by Dylan Langille

Located on a working organic farm, ARISE asks its attendees to stay green. For every ticket sold, a tree is planted. No disposable plastic water bottles are for sale, but water stations are located throughout for those who wish to refill their own bottles. Each vendor is required to use biodegradable materials, and recycling and composting hubs are available for use by fest-goers.

ARISE covers 100-acres of the Colorado mountainsides, topping off the incredible weekend with an even more incredible view. Tickets are on sale now, and plenty of working and volunteer options are available. Gates open at 9 a.m. on Friday, August 5, and close at noon the following Monday.



Indulging in great music with fabulous people and causing chaos downtown Chicago. Loving every second of it.

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