Bonnaroo 2020: Giving the Lineup Some Love

Festival season is fast approaching!

The holidays have come and gone, so now, ‘tis the season for festival lineups!

Bonnaroo 2020 Lineup

We all have our eyes on a few warm weekends to splurge on a ticket, pack up the car, and head on out to feast our eyes and ears on the music of our favorite artists. One festival that I always look forward to checking out is Bonnaroo. Even as a midwesterner, far away from sunny Tennessee, I have really latched onto the energy of this festival (enough to buy a ticket on Black Friday the last two years).

It really has something for everyone. From Groop Camping to SheRoo, to the stages and plazas that are filled with rich, fun activities and killer music across multiple genre lines. Since the lineup just came out, and the tickets are going fast, let’s fast-forward to summer and zoom in on some of the artists to be featured this year. What does Bonnaroo 2020 have in store for us?

Glass Animals

Glass Animals' latest release

Apart from their latest release, “Tokyo Drifting” in November of 2019, they haven’t produced a new album since 2016. And yet, their bubbly, alternative-pop sound reigns supreme. When I put my playlist on shuffle and a Glass Animals song comes on, I am not pressing skip. They are known to amp-up their jams during live performances, and we have no reason to believe Bonnaroo will be any different. They will absolutely channel a lively energy to this summer’s festival scene and bring out the dancer in every audience member. I can’t wait to see how they put a new spin on some older tunes on a Bonnaroo 2020 stage.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

"Dawn a New Day (Single Version)" cover

Last seen at Roo in 2018, they are returning this summer after just a one year break from the farm. If they love it this much, trust me you will too. Their latest release, “Dawn a New Day (Single Version)” is as up-beat and funky as the cover art. I listened and immediately added it to my happy playlist. It has their signature bouncy sound that makes you bob your head without noticing. Like Glass Animals, they put out a single in 2019, but haven’t graced us with a new album in a few years. Hopefully they’ll quench our thirst for more Pigeons with a wild and engaging performance this summer. Bring your ping pong balls everyone, and get ready to throw!

Tame Impala

Tame Impala has been busy with singles lately, releasing four in 2019 and one already this year. His newer songs remind me of what people say about doing their eyebrows– that they should be sisters, not twins (in a good way). Kevin Parker’s following has definitely grown and changed since Govenor’s Ball 2015 when, behind me in the crowd, an older couple kept referring to him as, “Dave and Paula,” (LOL).

Tame Impala, "Lost in Yesterday"

He continues to revamp and rework the music while still maintaining the sound he has cultivated over the years. Older hits like “The Less I Know The Better” still dominate the Spotify top five, but don’t overlook all those new singles! These recent tunes, along with an album to be released on Valentine’s Day, will bring a whole new element to Tame Impala’s live presence this summer. Always delivering a soothing wash of lights, and transcendent visuals on the screen, it’s impossible to take your eyes off the stage. Check out Bonnaroo 2020 to find out how Tame Impala will rock the festival scene this summer.


PEEKABOO's newest EP

When I saw PEEKABOO listed on the lineup for Bonnaroo 2020, I started preparing myself for the all night party that will be The Other stage. Yes, all night. The stage we all know and love for bass-bumping-laser-spewing EDM will be entertaining us until the wee hours of the morning. No matter what time PEEKABOO takes the stage, with his latest release Impossible – EP, he is bound to capture our attention. If his performance is anything like what I saw before Rezz came on in November (Masonic Temple, Detroit), then what he has in store for us will stop time in its tracks. I can’t wait to have my feet glued to the grass and my eyes locked on the lights, as PEEKABOO sucks us in for what will surely be an unforgettable set.

So… are you going?

This festival truly has a stage for every audience. You can chill, or you can party, boogie or lay down. The Bonnaroo farm is the home away from home you never knew you needed– until now. Check out the lineup and see for yourself! I’m sure the campground will welcome you with open arms, and you’ll never want to leave.

The new Bonnaroo arch!
The new arch!

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