Zero Gravity Got Grounded

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(Naperville, IL) – Zero Gravity was bumping to the filthy sounds of Megalodon, Hatcha, and Axilon and many other local supporting acts, when the phrase “Momma knows best,” was put to the ultimate test.

Attendees of Platinum Warfare, a 3-stage dubstep concert hosted by XDI Events and VibeTribe Events, were enjoying the headliner Megalodon when Danny Souri, the owner of XDI Events, came on the mic laughing and announced the impossible.

Photo courtesy of Israel Santiago

Photo courtesy of Israel Santiago

“You guys are not going to believe this…” he said, “If your name is Jonathan McPherson, your mother is outside and she said you were supposed to be grounded. Jonathan McPherson: get outside your mothers gunna kick your ass,” then Megalodon and Hatcha dropped back in with the dirty dub. (VIDEO BELOW)

Danny explained, “He had no choice. Johnny looked like an Amish kid and his mother was FURIOUS that he disobeyed her.”

She grabbed her prey by the ear and threw this nineteen year old in the back of her 1990’s Ford Windstorm ready to devour him on the ride home.

The mother reportedly found her son via Snapchat, where Johnny absentmindedly posted videos of the concert, which his mother used to find the address of the venue.

We hope you learned your lesson Johnny!

Watch the hilarious video below, and read our detailed comedic story HERE.


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