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Zero Gravity Got Grounded

by Austin Allen
(Naperville, IL) – Zero Gravity was bumping to the filthy sounds of Megalodon, Hatcha, and Axilon and many other local supporting acts, when the phrase “Momma knows best,” was put to the ultimate test. Attendees of Platinum Warfare, a 3-stage dubstep concert hosted by XDI Events and VibeTribe Events, were enjoying the headliner Megalodon when Danny […]

Zero Gravity Got Grounded: A Comedic Story

by Austin Allen
Remember the days when you were allowed to play outside but had to come home when it got dark? As we got older we start to rebel and stay out after dark, sometimes we don’t even come home. Those were the days back then, however for nineteen year old Jonathan McPherson, those days still strive […]

Big News from Big Grizmatik

by Austin Allen
Well the festival season is upon us and approaching fast; and with that comes a plethora of big announcements. The ever so popular festival Summer Camp is now fourteen weeks away and has numerous amounts of individuals wishing they had a time machine so that they would no longer have to wait until May 27th […]

Winter Warmer Was Wild!

by Austin Allen
I arrived at The Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin more than ready to see what awaited me at The Winter Warmer 2016 Takeover Extravaganza. This proper, “shirt and tie” resort has become infested with every edm clique you can think of. Kandi Kids, Wooks, Shufflers, couples that have found a babysitter, and Heady people. Upon […]

Death of Emmure?

by Austin Allen
Towards the end of 2015 the long lived beast that is Emmure has come to a dramatic downfall. Four out of the five members that make up Emmure left the singer, Frankie Palmeri, to fend for himself while they start on their own project that they describe to Alternative Press as an “unnamed, unfronted project.” […]