How to Watch GRiZ’s Rainbow Brain in VR

In an Instagram story, GRiZ recently announced a partnership with Soundscape VR to bring Rainbow Brain The Movie into the Virtual Reality world. Fly around and interact with the custom-curated world around you that reacts to the music while you shoot fireworks, paint, or even “optical hack” to glitch out the world around you for some insanely fun visuals.

SVR is the musical metaverse, your portal to a 24/7 VR music festival to meet up with friends and other music lovers from across the globe face-to-face in audio-reactive fantasy worlds. Listen, fly, explore, dance, paint, and play together in the future of music, today. Level up and earn rewards to customize your avatar and uniquely identify yourself in a next-gen concert experience. Enjoy the music you love with special listening parties, livestreams, Artist Link VR concerts – or just play ANY music you want to hear in this mind-melting audio-visual feast for the senses!

How to watch Rainbow Brain in VR

Your exact instructions may vary depending on your setup, but should be pretty similar.

  1. Download and launch Soundscape VR (Steam, Oculus)
  2. When you first launch the game, you will be put in a starting room where you can get familiar with the controls.
  3. On the Valve Index controller, I had to push in the thumb stick to pull up the menu. However this will be different for you if you use a different controller. Simply look at your controller and the buttons will be labeled for you.
  4. Once you have the menu pulled up, point at the Magic Mirror section on the left and click
  5. You should see GRIZ in the list of options. Simply click GRIZ and then “Start The Show” to be teleported to the Rainbow Brain world!

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