Spillage Village Drops Apocalyptic New Single, “End of Daze”

Spillage Village is back with a brand new single, “End of Daze,”  as well as teasing a new album to come soon into fruition. Spillage Village is a musical group that was founded by the iconic, dynamic duo Earthgang, who hail from Atlanta and are also members of Dreamville. Spillage Village’s other members consist of shared Dreamville MC JID, Mereba, Hollywood JB, Jordxn Bryant, and Deante’ Hitchcock. 

Spillage Village has not dropped any new music since 2016 with their last album, “Bears Like This Too Much.” The thing is, all of the members of Spillage Village are fountains of wisdom that they induce with the power of the pen. The words that they spit and spill are almost always centered around truth, revolutionary power – with a focus on illuminating systematic racism and injustice. All of them harness the drive to use their voice and platform to speak on the cold veracity that plagues our humanity and our shared world. 

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To put it simply, the world has never needed new music from Spillage Village more than we need it now. That sense of desperation seems to be intuitive, which is being spoken to the members of Spillage Village as they rally and collaborate together to uncover all of the desolation and chaos that has been buried in our country for far too long. 


“End of Daze” borders and blurs between many different sounds, sonically shifting from a blues-inspired chorus to an eruption of harsh drums. The flow these rappers possess holds the same magnitude and power of a gushing waterfall – forceful yet incredibly scenic with the picture they are painting in the narrative of this track. 

The track foreshadows an instinctive knowledge that the end of the world is here – bearing its teeth and exposing the grim reaper’s axe that is digging itself deeper and deeper into desolation. This track is doused in apocalyptic energy, yet simultaneously maintains a sense of gratitude as the notion of heaven brings restoration. 

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Doctur Dot, JID, Mereba, and Johnny Venus all sing together on the chorus, “It’s the end of days, end of times. Up in a blaze, you can’t hide. God packed his bags and said bye-bye. God packed her bags and said bye-bye. Why, why, why?”

Doctur Dot kicks off the first verse of the song, spitting about all the ways he will choose to soak up his last few days on earth through indulgence and spreading love. JID comes through with the second verse, all fantastical, weaving an image of heaven’s gate being opened, corpse walking over the doom of fate. 

He raps, “Let the smoke rise, take the bodies to the crypts, and when the poor people run out of food; they can eat the rich.” 

Mereba sweeps and completely bodies the third verse as she uses her natural poetic nature to breathe life into words that speak on the death that surrounds them. 

She raps, “It’s been like apocalypse since I was on the teat. Reagan worked for Satan, how he prayed upon the meek. Ask too many questions, Do you work for the police?” 

Jordan Bryant speaks on the contemplation and possibility of a cycle of rebirth that seems almost impossible at this point – the karma of our country amounting to ruins. 

Hollywood JB finishes the last verse with what he feels like could very well be his last words in this lifetime. He raps, “And if I’m gone before the end of the song, just tell my mom I ain’t get rich yet, but I tried to. Shit,  I need a new planet to fly to.” 

Johnny Venus closes out the song with his soaring high notes, the vulnerability bleeds through his voice. In the music video, the last shot is him laying on a tree trunk that has fallen, strumming his guitar while singing to the heavens in the sky. 

He sings, “Please forgive me babe, I’m nervous. Scared to go to sleep. All that life throws our ways, a love that will endure.”

“End of Daze” is a wake-up call, a realistic opening of the eyes, an awakening to the past trauma that our country carries with it now and forever. Yet, “End of Daze” ends on the notion that love surpasses death, love will always triumph over evil and iniquity. 

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