Hollywood Undead Builds a “New Empire”

After forming in 2005, Hollywood Undead has gone through a recent metamorphosis in regards to their image and lyrics. For their sixth full-length album they wanted to demonstrate that evolution, titling the album “New Empire, Vol. 1.”

“On this album, we tried to pretend we had never made a record before. We made a concerted effort to take it back to ground zero, as if we just got a record contract. Like, what would we write had we never released any music? New Empire is the product of that outlook.”

Johnny 3 Tears to Billboard
Hollywood Undead and their masks. Photo taken by: Jonathan Weiner.

Although Hollywood Undead does not agree with the censorship, they are more tamed lyrically on this album. But no worries, that same energy and sound from previous albums is there on their new album.

“I still disagree with censorship,” he says. “But we said things on our first record that, if I had known how upset it would make some people, I definitely would not have said. We were young and angry and didn’t mean what we said to be taken literally. But you have to take into consideration that someone else might take it literally and people might actually get hurt. And I don’t mean offended; I mean hurt. Don’t get me wrong, the envelope still needs to be pushed — but you also shouldn’t go out of your way to [offend] someone. There’s certainly some regret there.”

Johnny 3 Tears to Billboard
“New Empire, Vol 1.”

Recommended songs:

Enemy, Upside Down, Heart of Champion and Time Bomb.

Album Breakdown:

Although Hollywood Undead promised a “new sound,” I would say it is very similar to what they’ve already produced but, a newer polished product. They have matured and revealed a more personal side with “New Empire, Vol 1.” They touch on their personal struggles with self-doubt, thoughts of suicide, and fighting for their redemption. The album isn’t revolutionary by any means, but it is a newer side to them, and it deviates from the “party music” and humorous lyrics they once were known for.

New Empire, Vol 1″ incorporates metal, rock, hip-hop, hints of electronica, and trap beats. The heavier metal-rock takes place in the first half of the album. There’s lots of screaming, hard-hitting guitar riffs, lots of drums, and more of a focus on redemption and fighting to be the best and not dying out. The second half of the album is more “softer,” both vocally and lyrically. That’s where the focus of suicide and the struggles of life are discussed.


New Empire is a fair balance of their old sound with a more serious tone. This album could easily mesh in with their older work and no one would bat an eye because their sound is distinct. I think it’d be fairer to see how volume two rounds out this new chapter for them. It will help determine how much Hollywood Undead has matured over the years.

Hollywood Undead predicted volume two will be out later this year.

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