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It is official, with December coming to a close all 2015 holidays are over; all but one. New Years Eve is last up on the list on celebrations, and we here at Red Roll are more than thrilled to be Chicago based. New Years Eve is the chief of holidays because there is no religion, race or any type of discrimination involved, this is a holiday everyone can come together and celebrate. Last NYE, Chicago got two evenings with Zeds Dead whilst 2014 welcomed 2015, this year, Chicagoan’s are offered another two day event, but this is something special…


Now, not saying two days of Zeds Dead is not a spectacular time, but someone at Reaction thought, “Why not take more artist, make more stages, and have more fun?” More is always better, and this NYE Reaction went bigger and better: a two day festival featuring more headlining artists, as well as on-the-rise DJ’s ready to debut their sound. Being held at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, the space providing allows react to have three stages for all these sensational artists. The headlining stage is titled “The Warehouse” that will be featuring Skrillex, Deadmau5, Robin Schulz, and a local DJ on the rise Mielo. Another stage named “The Hall” will be taken over by some good old fashion funk such as Get Real, Cashmere Cat, and Cherub. As for rising artists, they will be crushing it at an interactive stage “The Arcade Stage”. Not only does this stage include a contestant winning DJ to open, but other underground local beat masters such as DJ White Owl, Glass Lux, and Showyousuck. The Arcade Stage is the most interactive of the three due to the free arcade games located in the back of the stage as well as a skate demo to the back right. Attendees can play arcade games or watch pro skate boarders while getting down to some awesome undiscovered music.


With all of these stages, there are also features to ensure a VIP experience even if you didn’t go VIP. The luxury components to this event include an official merch booth, a vendor section featuring local vendors with unique items brought to your fingertips, a food court, multiple beverage stations with water and a Coors-Light sponsorship, and those free arcade games and skate demo. Adding to these upgrades in experience, there are several more items to make certain all guests are having a safe adventure. Considering the event is indoors, there is a coat check at the main entrance so you can be bundled up on the venture there but not have to get all sweaty once you’re ready to groove, along with that there is a designated smoking section to prevent cigarette smoke from inhabiting the entire venue since you can not leave due to the no re-entry rule. If anything gets lost or dropped, per usual at festivals, there is a lost and found station. As far as anything going south for you or your friends, a medical tent is placed right in the center of all the madness, and if you and the squad visit the Coors-Light sponsored tents there will be four bathroom stations.


If you are lucky enough to snag a ticket with your friends to this unbelievable event, let’s talk transportation. If you are coming from the beautiful city itself, or even flying in from O’hare, the CTA “L” can get you here simply. The Blue Line brings you to the Rosemont/River Road station which is only a few blocks from the venue. Weather permitting you can walk there, or get an uber/taxi. If you have a fear of trains, the CTA Pace buses also have twelve different buses to get you right outside the venue. Downloading Google Maps app on your smart phone can give you directions through transit or driving yourself. The Transit Stop app allows you to see how long until your bus/train will take to arrive at your stop. If public transportation is not your style and you do not have a car, the graces of Uber can get you there just as easily.


If you’re one of those without a ticket, there is still time! 2-day passes and 1-day passes can be purchased through Flavorus. Don’t be the one to miss out on all the NYE amusement that Chicago has to offer. It is safe to confirm that Reaction has truly thought of everything this year with their first NYE two day event; three stages, over thirty-five artists, all in the course of two days, do you really want to be the one not there whilst 2015 vanishes and 2016 arrives? We will see you there fellow festy friends, and as always, be safe!

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